Monday, May 2, 2011

A roll in the nettles!

We had the full flow oil lines made today and thought we would see how things would look and what we would need to change.....
Yes we know people are going to say "We would rather roll naked in nettles than fit those restrictive banjo fittings to our full flow application."

Well regular visitors will know we only do what was available in the day and therefore period correct for our cars.
If it was good enough for Wolfgang Denzel and also Porsche to run on their Le Mans cars in the '50's then it's good for us.
Maybe we all just like nettles ;)


  1. sorry,
    this filter is by pass filter, not full flow.
    Look inside and you can see a very mall hole in the center stud. This is too small for full flow.
    You will kill your engine!!!!!!!!
    In the Porsche and the OKRASA´s it´s only bypass.

  2. Hi and thank you for your comment!

    This IS a Full Flow filter as used on Denzel motors, it is much bigger than the bypass filters used on the Okrasa & Porsche motors

    look here and you can see the difference

  3. ok,
    I believe it. Never seen this before and never learning enough ;-)