Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 weeks to go.....

Normally we should be at "The Champagne Vintage Weekend" with all the other vintage boys, but we are burning the midnight oil in the workshop as it is only 6 weeks before the PMGR...

The '53's case is now ready for full flow, although we had to again give the case a full clean afterwards.
We also installed some longer oil pump studs, although were not 100% sure what pump we will run at the moment.
We already cleaned all the oil galleries on this case and then refitted aluminum plugs so it looked original, we got side tracked and it was just left laying around, then the plans changed and we went back to work on it.....

The case was put together dry with the Mahle Nicasil cylinders and heads to check everything fits OK. We searched for a set of NOS pushrods, but couldn't find them.
What we did come across was another set we had for another project. So, as we had them laying around we thought we'd use them and after a little machine work they were now the correct size for this application.

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