Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lift off...

Or should that be "lifters off"
More work on the '53's motor today, the NOS lifters were removed from the pushrods and then the inserts fitted into the lifters.
Next up was some machine work to make the lifter ends fit into the cut to length pushrods, we decided to use chromoly ones as they are going to suffer some 'Torture" and don't want them to bend.
Now they are all ready for their final clean...

People ask us how we remove the lifters from the pushrods without damaging them.
We do it how we have always done it, quite simply really, we don't use any fancy slid hammers, pullers or heat on them.
First we spray dismantling lubricant (plus gas or something similar) between the lifter and the push rod, stand them up vertically and let them soak for a few hours.
Then take an old 11mm spanner and slide it over the pushrod to seat against the lifter, clamp everything into a vice, that accepts a pipe, so not to damage the pushrods.
Then with a gentle but sharp tap on the spanner the lifter easily comes away from the pushrod with no damage.

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  1. Is the wooden part in the tube? This is done to transport the oil inside the pushrodtube. I was told that by an old mechanic. After opening a pushrod, the wood center piece dropped on the floor...AMAZING. Wood inside an engine.
    Wish you all the luck and meet you there...