Monday, December 30, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bergrennen 2013

We were recently invited over to the Bergrennen by some of our Norwegian friends, so we jump on a plane and headed to Norway.

JHU was kind enough to collect us from the airport, on arriving at Øystein's Paul and myself were both presented with a vehicle to drive over the weekend.

Some people went to extremes to make their cars even lighter ......

Nice view from Race H.Q.

Race H.Q. for the weekend.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to all our old friends and the new ones we made over the weekend, we really had a fantastic time in the mountains doing what we love to do best, hang out with other crazy minded VW friends and race old cars at scary speeds up a mountain.
We loved it so much we will be back next year, but maybe we will be driving our own cars next time..... watch this space!

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Blood

We would like to welcome "Der Fahrer" to the ranks of the OOC, he will be flying the Oldspeed flag for us up North!
He will be busy over the winter with all things Oldspeed on his zwitter...........

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And the winner is.........

It's been a while since we last posted on our blog, but after the manic build up to The Petermax Müller Rennen and Hessisch Oldendorf we all decided to spend some quality time during the remainder of the summer with our families.

We had great fun in Germany this summer and a full report of the race will appear soon in VW publications, so that is why there is no report here.
All we can say is that The Oldtimer Oldspped Club managed to take the Petermax Müller trophy away from the Norsemen, although we know they will return at the next edition to try to take it back.....

There was some fantastic and crazy driving in the quest for the trophy and "Mad" Mic Duc was the winner in this 356.
Here the winner is tucked up for the winter and is in good company!
The first owner of the bike in the foreground was the maestro himself Petermax Müller!
What fantastic company for the Petermax Müller trophy until Mic will have to defend it in 2 years........

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Petermax Müller Rennen

as most of you know it is nearly "that time" the Petermax Müller Rennen 
here is the latest news:


Am Donnerstag, den 20. Juni 2013 startet wieder ein Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen - diesmal vom Automuseum Prototyp nach Hessisch Oldendorf zum 6. internationalen Volkswagen Veteranentreffen, wo vom 21. bis 23. Juni 2013 über 800 Fahrzeuge erwartet werden!

Im Rahmen des Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennens werden für den frühen Mittwochabend (19. Juni) mehr als 20 historische VW- und Porsche-Fahrzeuge im Innenhof des Automuseums Prototyp - der zum Parc fermé wird - erwartet.

Der Start ist geplant für 11:00 Uhr am Donnerstag (20. Juni). Vom Innenhof des Museums geht es los nach Hessisch Oldendorf, wo u. a. bereits zwei Museumshighlights warten: der Weltrekordwagen von Petermax Müller sowie der Berlin-Rom-Wagen (38/42).

Teilnehmen dürfen historische VW- und Porsche-Fahrzeuge bzw. Fahrzeuge von Karosseriebauern auf Basis von VW- bzw. Porsche-Technik. Team Prototyp startet mit dem ältesten Denzel-Sportwagen, der noch existiert.

Wir laden Sie herzlich dazu ein, sich bei uns im Parc fermé die Fahrzeuge anzuschauen und auch den Start des Rennens mitzuerleben.

Weitere Informationen zum Rennen finden Sie unter

Personen. Kraft. Wagen. 
Shanghaiallee 7 / beim Lohseplatz / HafenCity, 20457 Hamburg 
Tel. 040 - 39 99 69 68 - Fax. 040 – 39 99 69 89 
Gf. Gesellschafter:
Dipl.-Ing. T. König
Dipl. Kfm. O. Schmidt

Translation basically reads:

On Thursday 20th June, is the Petermax Müller Memorial Race, this time the race will depart from the Prototyp Museum in Hamburg heading to the 6th international VW Meeting at Hessisch Oldendorf, where more than 800 vehicles are expected to attend.
There are more than 20 historical VW and Porsche vehicles already registered for the Petermax Müller Rennen and they can be seen from Wednesday evening (19th June) in the courtyard of the Prototyp museum, parked in "Parc Fermé" conditions.
The start of the Race is planned for the next day (20th June) around 11.00am. We will leave the court yard heading off towards Hessisch Oldendorf, where there will be already two of the museum "highlight vehicles" waiting for us, namely the original Petermax Müller world record car and the Berlin Rome car 38/42.
Registration is open to historical VW and Porsche vehicles or coach built vehicles based on VW and Porsche technology.
Team Prototyp will take part in the oldest surviving Denzel sports car.
We would like to invite you to come along and look at the vehicles in Parc Fermé and witness the start of the race.
More details at

there will be a party on the Wednesday evening for all drivers navigators, guests and anyone else that would like to come, the party will be at the Prototyp museum, come along and be part of the fun either as a competitor or a spectator, to this event at an amazing venue as a warm up to the greatest VW show on the planet. If you have never been to Prototyp then this is something not to miss.......

We would also like to again say a BIG THANK YOU to Thomas and Oliver  for helping by backing the Rennen and opening the doors of their amazing museum.
Thanks guys, this would never have been possible without your backing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fuel, fuel everywhere!

After some fuel issues and nearly and engine fire, we have been busy looking for the source of the problem!
Der Brummbär is once again safe to drive and ready for some road testing.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fine Tuning

Looks like someone is out practasing and doing some fine tuning on those bumpy country tracks in preparation for The Rennen :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Clock is Ticking !!

Not long to go now until The Petermax Rennen  Hessisch Oldendorf edition, so we thought we would take a few of our cars to Stamford Hall to drum up some interest in the race .....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Brush off those cobwebs!

Spring is nearly upon us and we are thinking about projects on our cars for this year.
Time to brush of those cobwebs and get back into the workshop and focus on getting prepared for the PeterMax Rennen.

What better way to inspire us to get into the workshop than look at the pictures from Mr Godwin's 4800km trip around Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania last September.

The sun is shinning, the clocks going back and time to come out of hibernation and focus :)