Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking on Gas!

Things are moving along now at a rate of knots, it's all hands on deck with the Cannonball on the horizon!
Our OOCrasa heads are now machined to accept 80mm Nicasil cylinders, If the original Nicasil's were good enough for Porsche to use on the 917's, then they are for sure good enough for us ;-)
Next step will be to put the heads on a flow meter to get some numbers, that is after we finish the manifold modifications.......

What a dilemma!
It's looking like the most Cannonball fun will be in the smaller displacement class, so we are thinking...................
Which Porker crank?
Run the 74mm crank and enter the 1500 class or 64mm crank and the 1300 class..... Mmmmmmm

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