Friday, January 2, 2015

Summer 2014 pt 1

Rättvik Hill climb 

While in Sweden this summer we took part in the Rättvik hill climb, turning up for technical control with a very casual attitude we started to realise that nearly all the cars were appendix K for historic rallyes and all had gravel tyres.
It was not until the next morning when we arrived at the hill did we realise what we had let ourselves in for.....
The hill was steep, 3/4 or it on gravel and we didn't have gravel tyres unlike the local guys!
As there were many vehicles with different amounts of horsepower, the rules were that it wasn't the fastest up the hill.
Every competitor got two runs up the hill and the one with the closest times over the two runs was the winner.

Danne did fantastic in his Zwitter with a 30hp motor and came 3rd.
We plan to return with the correct tyres, watch this space....

We did actually acquire a soft spot for SAAB's and there are now three in the Oldtimer Oldspeed Club, there is some two stroke tuning on the horizon, but that's a future feature.......

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