Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bergrennen 2014

The Bergrennen is now a regular event on the Oldspeed Calendar and last years event was as good as ever, the Oldtimer Oldspeed Club had there own tuning HQ on the mountain this time. 
Last year saw the first female to race up the mountain, not only did she drive like a demon but took some fantastic photo's too, big respect to Solveig....
There was also a guest appearance of a Saab 92B, but after a thrashing on the gravel road leading to OOC HQ the fuel pump became faulty, so it never got a full run at the Mountain.
All the usual suspects were in attendance, with some guests from Sweden, there was once again some big hp racing so the race organisers decided  to make it the closest times from 2 runs to make it a more even playing field. Yet again Danne would take the honours for the OOC, this time running an original Pepco on his 30hp motor.

The mountain nearly killed the little 2 stroke Saab and we managed to limp it back to Oslo with failing brakes, but fear not after some OOC treatment it will be back to assult the mountain....

As always we had a fantastic time and a BIG thank you to all involved in organising and taking part in the Bergrennen and see you all again this year.

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