Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas came early again!

We had a special delivery today, looks like we won't be getting bored over the holiday period, with some excellent reading to keep us occupied :-)

The Monte-Carlo Rally is the oldest and most famous rally in history, it should not be confused with "The Sunday driver Rallies" It takes place in the winter through some of the most mountainous treacherous conditions possible.
Over the years many teams have taken the challenge, known and unknown, anonymous and famous, amateurs and professionals, they have overcome countless obstacles to follow their dreams and participate in a Rally which is without equal, one who's very name reaches into the heart of every driver, navigator, mechanic, journalist, spectator and race steward.
All the greats have taken part and tried to win the Monte, Huschke von Hanstein, Petermax Müller and Vic Elford to name just a few.

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