Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen winners

Vegard Foseid and Are Sletta (Sechs Volt Garage) receive their trophy from Markus Lottermann for winning the 1300 class.

Ray Schubert (Speedwell USA) and his protégé receiving the trophy from Markus for winning the 1500 class.
Normally Tom Niedernhofer should have been on the stage too, but we think he was still recovering from the "white knucle ride" in the Kübel ;)

Øystein Asphjell and Rune Weea (Screwdrivers) receive their unlimited class winners trophy from Markus Lottermann.

Vegard Foseid and Are Sletta receive the Petermax Müller trophy from Markus for the overall win in the race.
They will need to hand the trophy back in 2 years at the next event and as defending champions wear the race number 51. We hope next time the Sechs Volts Garage will bring two cars to help defend the title ;)

Once again we would like to thank all involved, also a big thank you to the Lottermann family, Bob (BBT) for sponsoring the trophies and Rob Amos (pre67VW) for talking the photo's.

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