Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Norwegians rule the day in the Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen!

We are just back from Bad Camberg and what a fantastic time we had. Our friends "up north" really did kick our buts in the Petermax Müller race, although a few of the OOC cars never made the start line....

Here you see Herr Blowers Pepco powered Oval parked next to Vegards Abarth Zwitter, on the ferry across the Rhine just before the start of the race.
The race was not just about raw horsepower, you needed a good navigator to read the map and direct you, also some luck on the slippery winding country roads.
 The unlimited class was won by Øystein Asphjell in his HPD Special and he probably would have won the overall trophy if his navigator Rune Weea hadn't have taken them on a slight de tour, although they blamed the road book, we know they really stopped off for a spot of lunch :P 
Only joking guys, you did a fantastic job and we were honored that you supported our event in so many ways. 
The 1500 class was won by the legendary speed demon Ray Schubert driving a Kübelwagon!
Yes that's right he was driving a Kübel although the motor is running Porsche internals.
We followed behind Ray for a while in a support vehicle and it really was something to see him sliding the Kübel around corners and descending the steep roads like a man inspired, all with cable brakes and off roads tyres, if only he'd had his Pepco Zwitter....
There was a good chance that Ray and his navigator Tom Niedernhofer would have won the overall trophy, but they ran out of fuel, luckily we were close by and only needed to push them 400 meters to a petrol station, but still, all lost time!
The 1300 class and the overall Petermax Müller trophy was won by Vegard Foseid and his navigator Are Sletta, they really drove their little 30hp to the limit, towards the end of the race the motor was losing power on the steep uphill climbs and the brakes were overheating on the descents, but against the odds they pulled it off. Well done guys :)
The winning motor of the Abarth Zwitter, shows sometimes David does beat Goliath...

The next edition will be in 2 years time to Hessisch Oldendorf, where the defending champion will be wearing the race number 51. The OOC will attend in full force and the Jägermeister Zwitter will return. Hopefully we can put Ray Schubert and also Larry McKenzie in some real race cars, then we really will have some fun. I also heard that Magne Bævere will be attending to strengthen the Norwegian charge to the flag.

For all who attended the race and supported us in any way we are truly grateful, we would also like to thank Markus Lottermann for presenting the trophies to the winners. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Hessisch Oldendorf edition of the Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen .....

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  1. Looks like a fun event. I love the idea of a Porsche powered Kübel being used like a rally car. Wish I could see that!