Thursday, September 9, 2010

'54 sunroof reunited

The summer is nearly over, so it's time to get back on our projects.
The '54's body has been reunited with the pan so the build up can continue, although there is no gearbox in there yet as we are still working on that one ;-)


  1. hi,

    do you have a set of louvers you can sell me?

  2. Hi Daryn,

    the Louvres are not welded into the decklid.
    They were pressed into the original decklid, this is not a very cost effective way to do this.
    We only did it as an experiment to see if it could be done.
    A much more cost effective way would be to find some louvres and weld them into the decklid, I believe people have used louvres from an old Renault before, a Renault 4 I think
    Hope this helps......

  3. Great post! i love it..i used to have a bug before,thanks for sharing..regards..