Sunday, August 15, 2010

'53's brake drums

The brake drums for the'53 are finally finished.
They have been machined and the cooling rings sweated on, machined on the inside for a better braking surface and studs have been added too.
We could have used "A" or even "B" brakes, but we wanted to do something different with the '53 and have something "in the werks" for the backing plates....
And anyhow we don't plan on having too much weight to stop :-)
A big thanks goes to R.K. a friend of the O.O.C. for many years...

An Invitation
We are not people of many words, we are men of action and don't get into wars of words with keyboard warriors..
It has been said, on forums, that our '53 won't ever see a race track, well to put the record straight, in 2011 it will be at the B.C. Oldspeed Challenge, in the 1500 class and also at Spa Francorchamps for 1 hour of racing the track.
In 2012 it will be at Le Mans Classic, where we can organise a 3 lap race of the full track.
So to put it in your own words, will you be joining us racing, or in the bar "drinking beer and chasing women"
You know where to find us..... ;-)


  1. I don't know where to find you, probably somewhere in Northern Europe. If I knew I'd visit your workshop(s), because it (they) seem(s) to be (a) pretty cool place(s) to learn about fine work on (luftgekühlte) cars. Usually the Nordmänner are very productive during the winter, so I'm looking forward to see the progress and results published here. Just a great blog!

  2. Hi Thanks for your comments
    OOC centrale is in Belgium, although we have members all over Europe and US.
    Most of us will be at the BBT pre B.C. party in 2011 with our Norwegian and French Oldspeed friends, why not come too and meet the gang :-)