Monday, July 12, 2010

Oldspeed Legends

What can we say.......
We are back after four days of watching some of the greatest classic race cars on the planet and meeting some of the most famous Porsche werks drivers to ever drive the marque.
Although it was 35deg and we need some sleep, it was fantastic to see some of those drivers once again get behind the wheel of the cars they drove back in the day and take to the track. Believe us, they still drive with passion, way too fast for people on a pension :-)
We got to chat to Vic Elford and ask him how it really was to drive the 917 down the Mulsanne at over 386km/h, he replied " it was a joy to drive and I loved that car, although you had to be 100% committed as it was very unforgiving, you needed the whole road on the Mulsanne straight as it would tend to wander around a little".
Wander around! in a fiberglass car, cm's from the ground at 386km/h, only two words come to mind when describing these Porsche drivers, Balls & Steel.....
We also asked Herbert Linge, is it true about the 1954 Mille Miglia when you were Hans Hermann's co driver driving a 550, he laughed "yes but we were much younger then"
As they approached a rail crossing in the race the barrier came down as the train was approaching, they both ducked and drove under the barrier.

We also managed to get a few new members ;-)

1 René Metge
2 Richard Attwood
3 Herbert Linge
4 Gérard Larrousse
5 Vic Elford
6 Hans Hermann

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