Thursday, March 4, 2010

'54 sunroof modifications

Some last minute modifications before going for paint.......


  1. ouah pretty cool job. would you mind giving us some more details on the way to do such nice louvers which seem not to be weld on.
    Thank you

  2. Wow!! Awesome job! Now, lets say you were going to do this for somebody.. what would the cost be?

    Can't wait to see the 54' complete.

    Hello from Canada. Trevor

  3. holly sh.. ! can't believe you do that this way dude !!! i love it.

  4. Hey man vary nice job ... but what did you use to get the vent like that ??

    please come back to me.

    i like to do some on my -66 Split

  5. Hi Daniel,
    they are pressed into the decklid, we made a reinforced male and female form, it must be the same profile as the decklid, It is a lot of work to make this and must be very accurate.
    Once you have the form, you need to drill a small hole at each corner of the louvre, then with a 1mm disc cut from one hole to the other (now you have the straight lower part of the louvre).
    Now you just need to use the from to press each of the louvres out in turn, a lot of patience is also necessary :-)

    Now the secrets out how we did it ;-)

    Daniel, If you need photos of the form, contact us with you mail address

  6. hi,

    incredible job on the louvers for this decklid. I am really interested in doing this as well, what further details can you provide. Would you be able to do one for me? Please let me know.


  7. wow great post1thanks for sharing..regards!