Friday, January 1, 2010

The Clock is ticking

It's 2010, and the clock is ticking for the Le Mans Classic, which has become a perfect stop gap between H.O and B.C.
With only 189 days to go we thought we would wet your appetite with some articles from 1952 Les 24 Heures du Mans, Programme officiel.
After their successful class win in '51 Porsche returned again to the '52 event with three Gmünd SL cars, two entered in the 1100cc class and the third in the 1500cc.
Porsche went on again to win the 1100cc class and 11th overall with the car driven by Auguste Veuillet and Edmond Mouche completing 220 laps.
For the eagle eyed one's among us, you will have spotted the second Gmünd 1100cc car was driven by Huschke Von Hanstein and PeterMax Müller, but unfortunately they never completed the race, retiring after 6 hours with a broken gearbox.
The 1500cc Gmünd also DNF with a crash 5 hours before the end of the race.

As you can also see the track in '52 was the original, before it was altered around Maison Blanc and two chicanes were added to the Mulsanne straight.

See you there ;-)

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