Monday, January 11, 2010

Together again (nearly)

One of our "Overseas" members just sent us some photo's of the progress on his '52 cab.
The work is progressing very nicely, the pan is finished and the body freshly back from the painters.
The painter in question is no other than Art Himsl, a legend in the Hot Rod world as a custom painter and pin striper, he has painted guitars for Eddie Van Halen and cars for ZZ top.

As you see from the photo's some modifications have been made along the way.
The gearbox is a type 519 (preA) with speedster gearing inside, ZF steering box and 356 A brakes. This will all be driven along by Denzel power :-)

It's such a shame that you live over the other side of the water, we would love to put our L-R-L car up against your Denzel power, we're sure we would give you a good run for your money ;-)

Keep up the good work R.C and we look forward to more photo's of the progress in the near future.

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