Sunday, July 1, 2012

Normal service has been resumed!

We have been away for a while now, not only working on our cars but with other things too.
We leave for Le Mans Classic in 4 days and it is all hands on deck to get cars ready in time....


  1. Wow - that´s a teaser! Show us more of that car.

  2. we will show more of this car as we work on it, in preparation for The Peter Max Rennen

  3. I Would be glad to see more of this (zwitter?) car.

    I´m building a zwitter my self, my plan was to run 1300cc class, but I will not have the time, so it will be 1200 (30hp) with swedish RHM supercharger "JUDSON" and also a Swedish exhaust system, called Svensk Rörbockning.

    Please put up more pictures of this lovely car!

    Daniel Sweden,