Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recollections of summer....

Just looking through some of the photo's from the Petermax Müller Gedächtnis Rennen, what a fantastic time we had at B.C. with friends old and new.
We look forward to meeting up again with you all at the Le Mans Classic next summer ;-)

Ray and Tom lead the way in the Kübel to the Ferry over the Rhine and the start of the race, you can see in the background the sort of terrain the race crossed.

Vegard is already practicing slipstreaming behind Øystein at the lunch stop :-D

Meanwhile...........Øystein and Rune are thinking, we will be straight passed that plastic kitcar :-P

Waiting for the ferry to the start, Øystein is already applying his physchological warfare on the other competitors, while Rune is thinking Mmmmmmm.......... we'll soon be passed this one too!

Hans "Besserwisser" is busy checking out Herr Blowers Pepco

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