Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is Early

We just got a "special Delivery" in time for Christmas, our new 3rd & 4th gears for the '53 & '54 Plan B gearboxes.
Although not too much has been happening in the workshop lately due to the -8ºC weather conditions, maybe that will change now ;-)
These gears were really made with the Le Mans Classic in mind, for going down the Mulsanne .......... at 5500 rpm we will pushing more than 200km/h
We are looking forward to seeing how the perform in the Cannonball.....


  1. I would like to change the gearing of my '57 split case transmission. Where can I find custom gears?

  2. I would like to change the gearing on my split case transaxle. May I ask how you went about finding these gears? Were they custom for you, or were you able to find "off the shelf" gears that would fit?


    Paul Vickerman

  3. Hi Paul, we looked up gears available back in the day and had some made by a gear company that are period correct