Monday, October 4, 2010

Tick Tock.....

The clock is ticking and it's not too long now until June and the Oldspeeed Challenge.....

We're still busy with the gearboxes on the '53 & '54, now we have bearings there is just one last 'special' piece missing.
Hopefully we'll have it soon and then the boxes can be reassembled

Our Norwegian friends are also busy getting ready, the HPD special is in the garage to be put into race trim in preparation for the big day, they are also working on some secret fast projects :-)

In their words, B.C. Oldspeed Challenge - 'man against man, machine against machine, the mother of all Cannonball runs Belgium to Bad Camberg', this is one not to miss.
It will probably never happen again that's why all the lightest fastest Oldspeed Vw's from Europe will be taking part......

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